We need a Travis County Attorney who will see that ALL people are worthy of justice. 

"Too many lives have felt the financial and emotional pains of our broken criminal justice system. We need real progressive actions to truly make our community stronger. It's time we change the status quo and choose fair justice for all."   

- Dominic Selvera, Democrat for Travis County Attorney 



Top Priorities 

I decided to run because I'm no longer willing to wait for our elected officials to do the right thing. As we go out and knock on doors and talk to people we can see that others are ready and willing to do what's necessary for real justice reform. They too are tired of career politicians and their empty promises. 

We need a County Attorney's Office that focus on fairness, justice, and rehabilitation. Join us:

I'm running for Travis County Attorney because I've seen firsthand how unfair and devastating the criminal justice system impacts individuals accused of misdemeanor crimes.  


Our system needs accountability not just for the people convicted of misdemeanors, but accountability from our elected officials that are in a position to promote a fair and equal criminal justice system.   


Cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco are leading the way with criminal justice reform. Meanwhile, Austin is still wasting our resources prosecuting low-level drug offenses, increasing our inmate population and penalizing the poor. It's time we move Travis County forward and take progressive actions to reform our criminal justice system.  

That's why as Travis County Attorney, I will: 

Decriminalize misdemeanor marijuana cases. Although marijuana is illegal in Texas, possession of a small amount of marijuana (4 ounces or less) shouldn't be a crime that deserves criminal prosecution. By not seeking criminal drug convictions for misdemeanor marijuana cases, prosecutors can focus on crimes that pose an actual threat to our community.  

End the cash bail system.  Imagine you haven't been convicted of a crime, but you're stuck in jail simply because you can't afford to pay bail. The problem with the cash bail system is that it's based off of money instead of public safety.  We can lower the number of people in jail who haven't been convicted of a crime by ending this unfair practice. As Travis County Attorney, I will not request cash bail on low-level misdemeanor cases and stop wasteful spending on pretrial incarceration.  

Decriminalize homelessness.  Issuing citations and arresting the homeless will not solve our homeless crisis. I will not prosecute misdemeanor offenses that target the homeless. It's important that the Travis County Attorney become part of the solution and not part of the problem.